Break the Chain

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The chain of failure and frustration ends with individual responsibility. The notion of success in the shadow of other’s failure is unstable and temporary. An ideal society is one where everyone strives for success and victory for others, this is only possible with individual responsibility. Angel investors tie their profits to the success of novice […]

Information is Key

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Although access to information is increasingly possible, the level of access is still limited to resources that are not equally available to all. Developing countries such as Iran, where the distribution of wealth, resources and facilities in villages and cities is not comparable to large cities, one of the greatest human needs, if not ignored, […]

How to be a good leader?

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In this article, I would like to share with you what I have learned in the course “Management of Individuals and Teams, Michigan University” presented at Coursera. Perspective and Vision I think it would be better if I go to the topic of managerial and organizational perspective first. The first issue was how, as a […]