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To give hope to people , you just need to be responsible.

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Husband, Father and Teacher, Social Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, TechArchitect,Founder,Publisher,Philanthropist
A friend of mine told me, “You seem to have changed, Mohsen” he added, “you are not as enthusiastic in the payment or tech field business anymore. He was and is right. I discovered nature-based businesses to be more intriguing than any other businesses I have been involved in over my 30-year career. I have been involved in many lines of work, from exporting textile and pistachios to Europe in the early 90’s, having my own publishing house, or establishing my country’s first private credit card company and payment processing center, and even being part of a few successful and failed international startups… I invested at the early stages of a few companies and learned the process of becoming an angel investor which was really impressive and fit my personality well. Despite my work history, I would like to tell others that the line of business that I believe in the most, are nature-driven. Nature driven businesses are those powered and pushed by nature. All examples are brilliant, useful, productive, effective, and have the possibility to change the lives of millions and give us benefits at the end, which we may have never encountered in our business life. I will write further on the new ideas which I am currently chasing and following. It is my new life, I have started to look towards nature.

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